Faith And Religion In Austrailia

Austrailia’s dominant religion is christianity having over 66% of people being into christianity. However, it should also be noted that less then 25% of those who practice christianity attend church on a weekly basis. 18% of australia claims no religion or is agnostic. Agnostic means that they believe it is impossible to prove god exists, but they are not saying he does or does not exist either way. There is a growing number of buddhists in the community which can also be said about islamics. They both actually have almost the same percentage which varies from different statistics but the general area is around 2% for both religions.

There are also other religions in australia including australian aboriginal traditional religions which has a belief percentage of about .05%. There also nature based religions such as wicca, paganism, neo-paganism and animism which has a percentage of less then .01%.
Australia also has satanism practictioners which makes up less than .01% of the population. Traditional chinese religions such as taoism, confucianism and other religions are said to make up less then .03%.

The main christian denominations you will find in australia are catholicism with a following of 28% which is roughly 5 million people. Catholicism being the mainly followed denomination in austrailia. Anglican has a percentage of 23% which is roughly 4 million people. The Uniting Church In Australia has a following of 10% which is roughly 1.5 million people.

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